TensorRT build fail with plugin on DW9.0 of Drive AGX

Hi, my code breaks when building model on DW9.0 of Drive AGX.

Error msg first:

ERROR: cuda/reformat.cu - Cuda Error in NCHWToNCHW: 48
ERROR: cuda/reformat.cu - Cuda Error in NCHWToNCHW: 48

Model can be built with kFLOAT, but breaks with kHALF.

More information if it helps discover the issue.

Relevant code hasn’t been modified for a long while. This is the first time it breaks like this.

Environments my code known to work fine:

Jetson TX2: Jetpack 3.2, 3.3, 4+
Jetson Xavier: Jetpack 4+

Drive AGX: Drive 8.0 TensorRT 4.x (not sure)

Also, I know my code works on different Jetsons with TensorRT v5.0.0 and v5.0.6 and v5.1.

However, it breaks with:

Same Drive AGX: Drive 9.0 TensorRT 5.0.3


I’m hoping to get some help to resolve this issue. Thx!


I’m not using any nvplugins. Nor am I using any new APIs of v5. My plugin extends IPluginExt to support both v4 and v5. (If I remember correctly, IPluginV2 is not available in v4.x)