TensorRT (FasterRCNN) compatible caffe Model for Digits

I want output a Caffe FasterRCNN model using Digits. I currently have Digits 19.06 installed.

According to


“Similar to samplePlugin, in order to add Custom layers via NvCaffeParser…”

they use a NVCaffe version of FasterRCNN to build on TensorRT.

I was wondering if there was NVCaffe FasterRCNN model that could be used in Digits 19.06.

If there isn’t, then I was wondering if there is an example object detection model (using Caffe or Tensorflow) that can be exported from Digits and built using one of the TensorRT samples.

I used the Caffe GoogLeNet example Nvidia provided for Digits but that was not compatible with TensorRT.

I would appreciate any help.