TensorRT for python 3.6?

There are currently python wheels for python 2.7 and 3.5. Any chance of getting a wheel for 3.6?

My coworkers and I have moved from 3.5 to 3.6 for our Tensorflow work due to some issues with 3.5 (not related to TensorRT).

I have noted this request. Not sure yet when we’ll be able to provide a 3.6 wheel.

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    I was wondering the same question as Ubuntu18.04 is providing Python3.6 by default.

+1 Python 3.6 has major improvements over 3.5 and recently released python projects should work with it. It’s been out for a while now (Dec 2016)!

Related, using debian packages to install python libraries can make it hard to install for specific conda or virtualenv environments.

Can we make the python3-libnvinfer* packages be pip installable?

+1, it’s amazing this framework still isn’t available for python3.6 !

When are you going to provide a Python 3.6 wheel? Is anyone working on this?

+1, gotta downgrade my system python now to install over apt… (Ubuntu 18.04)

Same here - the AWS Deep Learning AMIs use python3.6. Tensorflow works on 3.6. Any update on python3.6 tensorrt availability?