TensorRT getBindingVectorizedDim API


halo,I wonder if getBindingVectorizedDim API is properly named,it only returns the index of vectorized buffer.So why not name it getBindingVectorizedIndex.When i first saw the code below(from samples/buffer.h), I was puzzled for a long time.

auto dims = context ? context->getBindingDimensions(i) : mEngine->getBindingDimensions(i);
            size_t vol = context || !mBatchSize ? 1 : static_cast<size_t>(mBatchSize);
            nvinfer1::DataType type = mEngine->getBindingDataType(i);
            int vecDim = mEngine->getBindingVectorizedDim(i);
            if (-1 != vecDim) // i.e., 0 != lgScalarsPerVector
                int scalarsPerVec = mEngine->getBindingComponentsPerElement(i);
                dims.d[vecDim] = divUp(dims.d[vecDim], scalarsPerVec);
                vol *= scalarsPerVec;

Looking forward to your reply, thank you🥰


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