TensorRT incompatibility with Xavier AGX 64GB

I’m using a Xavier AGX 64GB module, flashed with jetpack 4.6.1.

I am having trouble converting a ONNX model using:
trtexec --fp16 --onnx=/home/maxime/model.onnx --saveEngine=out.engine

Which output the following error:

[05/24/2022-03:19:03] [E] Error[2]: [utils.cpp::checkMemLimit::380] Error Code 2: Internal Error (Assertion upperBound != 0 failed. Unknown embedded device detected. Please update the table with the entry: {{1794, 8, 64}, 51309},)
[05/24/2022-03:19:03] [E] Error[2]: [builder.cpp::buildSerializedNetwork::609] Error Code 2: Internal Error (Assertion enginePtr != nullptr failed. )
[05/24/2022-03:19:03] [E] Engine could not be created from network
[05/24/2022-03:19:03] [E] Building engine failed
[05/24/2022-03:19:04] [E] Failed to create engine from model.
[05/24/2022-03:19:04] [E] Engine set up failed

This commands used to work well under an AGX 32GB.
Any idea ?

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Software Version

  • Jetpack 4.6.1
  • TensoRT v8201
  • cuda_10.2_r440.TC440_70.29663091_0

Hardware Platform

  • Xavier AGX 64GB
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this recent github dissussion suggest incompatibility between AGX64 and tensoRT but I doubt since this nvidia annoucement claims the opposite

Your topic was posted in the wrong category. I am moving this to the Jetson AGX category for visibility.

Dear @maximegado,
We already noticed this issue with Xavier AGX 64GB boards and working on fix. We will update you soon on this issue.