TensorRT SDK on Jetson Device


I just installed DeepStream 6.2 on my Jetson Device (Orin NX) and it is working fine. I even tried to run Yolo models on it and the results are amazing. However, I would like to know how Do I use TensorRT SDK separately to try the same Yolo models? I wonder if there is any documentation about it?


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This link might help you.

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Thank you so much @rajupadhyay59 . However, is there any Documentation to using TensorRT and python? I mean, I would like to implement my projects using Python. And as a matter of fact, I have TensorRT installed already. Do I need to install the TensorRT SDK, something like: <nv-tensorrt-local-repo-ubuntu2004-8.5.2-cuda-11.8_1.0-1_arm64.deb>

No, TensorRT is already installed when you flash your Jetson with Jetpack, so you are good to go with your TensorRT

W.r.t python, I am unsure but maybe this could help?

There is an example with yolov3 so, use that as reference.
You can compare the c++ with python and make sense out of it.

Sorry for the late reply, Is this still an DeepStream issue to support? Thanks!

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