TensorRT version mismatch on orin nx module/jp5.1.1

hi nv team,

when I use orin nx module/jp5.1.1, the TensorRT version is mismatch.
the version is 5.1.1 by the command of jtop; and the version is by dpkg -l;
the same problem exist agx orin/jp5.1.1;

how to fix this issue about tensorrt version by jtop?
once update the jp5.1.2, can this issue fix?

the more infos are:


We can reproduce the same issue internally.
The info from jtop is not correct. We are discussing this with the tool owner.

For now, please check the TensorRT version by apt show instead:

$ apt show tensorrt
Package: tensorrt



This issue is fixed in the recent jtop 4.2.3 release.
Please give it a try.


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