Terminated by signal 7 error

Hi All,

When I try to compile my application (which consists of many FORTRAN files) using pgf77 compiler, I get the following error at regular intervals after running “make all”.

pgf77-Fatal-/opt/pgi/sua64/7.0-3/bin/pgsmart TERMINATED by signal 7
Arguments to /opt/pgi/sua64/7.0-3/bin/pgsmart
/opt/pgi/sua64/7.0-3/bin/pgsmart -bg 0 -o /tmp/pgf77nTCNEjJ1GKs.s /tmp/pgf77fTCp3yp0IzG.sm
*** Error code 127

It goes from the point it has left and gets compiled as expected if I run “make all” again. Even it works fine as exepected.

But what could be the reason behind the error? Is it a configuration issue?

Any pointers in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,
// Rahul

Hi Rahul,

Signal 7 is an “unclassified NT exception–historically SIGEMT” where SIGEMT is an emulator trap. So, it could be an SUA bug or a problem with pgsmart.

Next time it occurs, can you send a report to trs@pgroup.com and send the code that’s causing the problem? We would like to try and reproduce the problem here. However since it’s transitory, it might be difficult to diagnois.

On a sige note, the switch “-Mnosmart” will disable the use of pgsmart.