Tesla and Windows 7?

Hello, I am running Windows 7 RTM (from MSDN Academic Alliance) and I just received a Tesla. I cannot seem to get the Tesla to be recognized by windows or CUDA programs. Does anyone have any tips of tricks for getting Teslas to run under Windows 7?

What driver are you using? Also, what display card are you using?

I am using a Geforce 9400GT for display, and the Nvidia Windows 7 64-bit 190.38 with CUDA support.

Should be working fine–I’m running Win7 with a Quadro and a C1060 with no problems. Or is this an S1070 or something?

No, this is a C1060. I will try uninstalling the drivers, restarting, and installing again.

Excellent! It works now! Had to uninstall CUDA toolkit and stereoscopic driver as well, restart, and then re-install the 190.38 drivers and CUDA toolkit!
Thank you!