Tesla C1060 or D870, how about the Mac Pro (Q1'09, Nehalem)? Would some Tesla card run on the Q1

Hi there,

I am currently compiling a list of possible hardware setups to get a Tesla-based workstation. At the very top of the list is the new (Q1’09) Nehalem-based Apple Mac Pro.
Now, I would want to use either a Tesla D870 (the external box) or a Tesla C1060, and the Mac Pro would run Windows (probably some 64-bit variety). Is there a way to get either of those cards running in this given setup?
(All the posts I have found so far return so some-kind-or-other “no EFI support”, “but Windows might work”, … what is the real state of the matter? Any answer from Nvidia on this?)


I have partial evidence that this will be possible under Windows. I have just got a 2008 Model Mac Pro working with both an Apple supplied 8800GT and a Zotac brand 260GTX card running under Windows under Bootcamp. I got the CUDA 2.1 toolkit to recognize both cards and run a multi-GPU example. Theoretically it should be possible to swap the 260 for a TESLA. I should add that my power management is a bit whacky - there is probably a cleaner arrangement but the 260 is currently being powered by an external supply via two 6-pin connectors, while the 8800 gt takes its power from the one of the two motherboard connectors for additional PCI-E power. (Under OS X I have only got the 8800 recognized). I have not seen the insides of the 2009 model yet…

The EFI issue is a real one but appears to relate only to OS X.

Added edit: 09 Mac Pro PCI and power seems to be same as 08 - 2 relevant slots. I also got preproduction Tesla working in 08. Th 09 might have a slight advantage in that the 120 looks like it does not need a power cable - that would leave the 2 6-pin cables free to power a closed box - so it’s looking good for 09, at least under windows.

FYI, I now have a Palit 285 with 2G memory working nicely in an 08 Mac Pro (under Windows Bootcamp) Cheap and fast alternative to a Tesla and probably OK on an 09 Pro, where the two internal power sockets could supply it alongside a 120?