Tesla C2050 and C2070 specs

From a Semiaccurate article.


Clock 1.25GHz - 1.40 Ghz
Board power <=225W

Interesting find… 170GB/sec bandwidth… hmm that looks awesome … :thumbsup:

But I have yet to see single precision performance numbers for these cards … anyone ?

What is perhaps a little bit worrying is that the core count has been reduced from 512 (circa the SC’09 launch) to 448, which tends to suggest that things aren’t working out so well, even after two re-spins.

Also these are single GPU cards. So how much power will a dual card take? ~2x225W?

Who cares about dual cards, the optimal situation would be to have a single card powerful enough to run any current and semi-future games.

If Nvidia decides to do another “GX2” style card, I hope they get it right for once and not skimp on the specs. A proper dual card would be one such as ASUS’s Mars.

Every other one has not been worth it, the better gaming option has always been SLI’d GTX’s (8800, 9800, 280, 285 and certainly now the 380/385’s will more than likely continue the trend)

In any case, the specs look decent, I put up another link this morning:



Because a 5970 double precision flops = ~928 GFLOPS which is much greater than any single GPU Fermi card.

Of course Tesla has CUDA, ECC and many other professional advantages.

This is a GPGPU forum not a games one (in any case several cards already on the market meet your requirement).