Tesla C2050 Temperature Questions

nvidia-smi.exe shows that the temperature of the Tesla C2050 I am using is ~57C when it is idle. When I run CUDA programs it quickly climbs into the 60s and 70s. A few times it has climbed into the 80s. I am concerned that it is running as hot as 83C when performing run time testing of CUDA code. I have run into system issues when it was ~83C.

What should be the idle temperature of a Tesla C2050? How hot is too hot? Should it be hitting 80+?

The Tesla is in a HP z800 Workstation running Windows 7 + Parallels Workstation Extreme.


You are not alone. we have also seeing temperatures around 83 C

I have a 2050 When am running cublas or magma kernels for a 8k matrix the temperature is around 65c I think

the idle temperature on my machine is ~45c I think you need to get a better fan because I have never seen 80c and the kernels I am running are very compute intensive.


The poster talks a little about it but I have used c2075 in those experiments

80C is fine. Thermal slowdown will occur around 90C.