Tesla C2075 - Random console issue

Hi there,

First post. We have a CentOS 6.4 64-bit system with a Tesla C2075. After installing the latest drivers (tried older versions as well) we run into a slight problem.

I boot the system into Run Level 3. After logging in as root, I type ‘startx’ to start the graphical mode. This all works just fine. However, when I close out of graphical mode and go back into console mode, the screen is filled with un-readable garbage. The console will still take commands, but it displays output in an un-readable format. Even though I can’t read it, I tell it to ‘startx’ again. It loads graphical mode just fine. However, if I close graphical mode again, the monitor fails to respond to the system at all. The monitor light goes idle.

Any ideas?

Please let me know.