Tesla C870 & 9600GT on Vista64 No device is recognized...

Hello folks,

I’ve installed the Tesla and 9600GT in the motherboard.
The geforce is in the 1st PCI x16, and the tesla in the second.

Samples from CUDA 2.0 beta2 doesn’t work. They all say that only emulation mode is present.
Running a program that enumerates devices claims that 0 devices exist in the system (altough it was wrriten in CUDA 1.1).

All files are in the right place (nvcuda.dll etc.)

BTW, the Tesla didn’t work (disabled by windows for an error) prior to installation of the 9600GT card. Is it possible?

I’ll appreciate help of any kind.

Wasn’t it the problem with Windows machines that you cannot have 2 different graphics cards in 1 PC due to Driver problems? I thought it was only possible to have 2 or more graphics cards in the system when they use the same chipset.
like a 8800 GTX and a Tesla works but an Tesla and G9x doesn’t?

Could be I’m wrong…

I believe it is only a matter of the same driver needed. Windows cannot have more than 1 graphics card driver loaded at a time.

I can tell you that at least one problem is solved.

Today I reinstalled the system completely.
First, only the 9600GT was present in the board (Fedora 9 made some problems), and everything went fine.
CUDA samples ran and passed (except those with glew64 issue).

Then I installed the Tesla. Windows did recognize it, but for some reason CUDA doesn’t. It sees only the 9600GT as a device (of course restart and other things).

The funny thing is that the NVIDIA control panel says that the 9600GT has 2 GB of memory (0.5 of its own and additional 1.5 of the Tesla).
(Just as an indication, CUDA becnhmarks results report values that are close to 9600GT, like a bandwidth of 36 GB/s, even in the dual configuration)

What might be the problem? Should I switch them in the PCI Ex slots?
This can be a bit problematic since I will have to take out another cover behind.

I’ll appriciate any help.