Tesla D870 with ATI Firegl video card incompatibility


I am using a Tesla D870 connected to an HP desktop. I am running Redhat Enterprise Linux 5

Some background - The HP desktop came with a ATI firegl card on it and every time i try to use the ATI drivers to power my monitor (so i can use OPENGL) it wont let me. Im getting some GLX error (extension GLX missing on display) .

Googling this error gave me some threads about installing an ATI card after previously having NVIDIA drivers and removing nvidia drivers fixed this error for most people.

Well since i have a tesla D870 connected and I use it for computational work i need the NVIDIA drivers to run this D870 card.

My question is this. Is there any incompatibiilty running an ATI firegl card (fglrx) for displaying OPENGL & 3d acceleration on desktop. I cant run any opengl cuda stuff till i figure this out.

Wouldn’t it be way easier to just buy a cheapy NVIDIA card for your display?

It seems very strange that you have to remove an NVIDIA driver to make the ATI one work. Is it maybe that you should not install the OpenGL stuff that is part of the NVIDIA driver package?
You can then still load the NVIDIA driver and by running the script provided in the releasenotes I believe, generate the device nodes.

This is what i think is going to happen ill just buy a cheap nvidia card. Thanks!

Ill try this first. I do have the script from the release notes. Ive used it to generate device nodes when not running as root. I guess i dont know how to install NVIDIA drivers without the OpenGL stuff but im going to look it up.

Thanks for your help guys.