Tesla Drivers for Win HPC 2008 RC2


I have installed the HPC server 2008 RC2 trial and want to use my Tesla c1060 in the nodes of the cluster.
(4 machines. Each with Foxconn Destroyer Motherboard, 3X Tesla c1060, Phenom II).
I cannot find the drivers listed in the Driver download section. I have tried XP 64 and Windows server 2003 x64 drivers but they
donot work. Which drivers will work for HPC server 2008 ? Is there a release planned for them ?


MS HPC Server 2008 is for CPUs… I dont think they support GPUs, Do they?

but well, you should be able to run MPI+CUDA combines on it… That way, yes… but still CPU scheduling will only be used by MS HPC 2008… so smart scheduling will not be guaranteed… but yeah, it should work…

I checked this link on the Microsoft site


Donot know how it will work though so trying to test. No luck with the graphics driver though :(

So no recognition of the devices !! :">


They have GPGPU support in the form of DirectX 11 (exposing the compute shader facility).

I think this is a bit different from accessing compute shaders using CUDA.

MSFT supports only MSFT technologies… They are very generous.

Thanks for the link to the whitepaper :) But DirectX 11 is just their lib not a driver !!! And in the paper they mention

only the need of a dirver being installed and a session other than session 0 for running the application that access the

GPU :mellow:

Now these few line in the whitepaper made me look up at the HPC option:

This ‘access from the video driver’ is what we do presently. I donot understand the need to use the DirectX 11. DirectX lib also accesses the Vid drivers and so does cuda_lib :confused: Am I missing something ???

uh, Vista drivers work on Win7, Server 08, Server 08 R2, HPC 2008, etc.

Hm… i am not too sure about directx… So, I take back my words on MSFT’s generosity…

I am tracking this thread… Ashish, Let us know if u got it working… That would be cooooool

Finally !! Got that , done that and that works. Win 7 (64 bit) drivers work in HPC server 2008 R2.

Thanks a ton.!!! :santa:

Cooool! Thanks!