Tesla - Folding and Ready to Purchase...

Hi Everyone,

I would just like it to be known that as soon as Tesla comes out - the GPGPU device - I intend to purchase two for my home systems.

Not for anything fancy, I know for some it would be a waste, but I have the means so I don’t care.

I would simply be using them to FOLD (folding.Stanford.edu). Yes, that is it…I know they will be expensive but I will be offsetting the cost and the electricity used as reducing my carbon footprint in saving the world from disease.

I simply want Nvidia to know that we are waiting and we will be buying for the good of everybody, including the bottom line of the company.

I want Nvidia, I want to fold, I want it working…

PLEASE can you get Folding to work on your systems…I’ve just got a bonus and it’s itching like hell to be spent…if not you then who? DAMMIT - seriously I don’t want to but…

Lets sort this out once and for all boys…


I’m sure both the Folding team and NVIDIA are working hard to get Folding on CUDA working…
but these things are very complex and probably will take more time than you can wait for.

If you’re priority is really on supporting Folding, u should prob get an ATI for now (am i going to get banned for this? :blink: )

P.S: In case that bonus is really itching in your pocket, my wallet will always be open waiting… won’t save the world from any diseases, but will keep a grad student’s stomach full for months to come :lol:

Unless the folding client really needs the extra 768 MB of memory, the very similar performing 8800 GTX is probably going to be sufficient. In fact, you’ll probably be able to purchase two GTX cards + a separate computer to put them in for less than 1 Tesla card (if is priced anything like the Quadro line).

Sure I could do that - but the 8800’s (all of them) do not fold either…the thing is are any of them likely to fold…

and to zaob, nice try - but tesla, and samsung 40" 1080p are the start of more to come…

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Im sorry but you sound like one major retard!

I have no idea why you say so. Atleast, he has got some philanthropic intentions…

Check out: http://folding.stanford.edu/English/FAQ-NVIDIA#ntoc7

It might be possible to fold with TESLA.


4TerraFlop 1U TESLA blade, with double precision, was released in June!

May b, you should consider that for your folding!

Make sure it works before you buy it :-)

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Appreciate if you react to my post as well! - Was that informative?

We weren’t. Please keep this kind of stuff off these forums.