Tesla for FEA

This might be an old question, but does the Tesla work with prepackage Windows programs? I use ABAQUS for FEA at work, and it’s time to either convince my boss to buy a cluster or to buy me a PSC. Do programs have to be hardcoded in the CUDA environment, or will ABAQUS have access to all 960 process streams?

Any application requires a CUDA specific code path to use the hardware. Nothing is automatic.

Abaqus doesn’t have CUDA support at the moment. In the structural FEA area, I know Ansys were showing off a couple of CUDA accelerated products at one of the super computer shows, however I don’t know what the release status of that is. LSTC were talking about experimenting with CUDA acceleration of their out of core solver that LS-DYNA is based on, but again I don’t believe that has ever made it to a release product.

As both an Abaqus and LS-DYNA user with a lot of CUDA capable hardware in my cluster, it would certainly be nice to have acceleration, but to the best of my knowledge, it doesn’t exist at the moment.

Sad panda.

I guess I’ll have to start pestering our Simulia rep about it. If enough people request it (or I’m annoying enough) I figure they’ll get on it.