Tesla GPU info monitoring tool

We have Xeon server with 2 Tesla M2070 GPUs, running WIndows Server 2008 R2 (x64) and Wowza Media Server using HW CUDA cores for transcoding process. We are willing to upgrade our server and provide more transcoded HD video streams, but we are somehow unsure how much impact will additional processing take. I have already (unsuccessfully) tried to use GPU-Z tool to check sensors reading. Is there ANY monitoring tool for Windows platform to monitor GPU “performance”, i.e. GPU Load, Memory Used and GPU Clocks? Somebody on the forum mentioned using “nvidia-smi.exe”, but I was not able to find this tool and I also tried many other “GPU monitoring” tools, but NONE have worked… :confused:
Any tip will be highly appreciated!
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Hi Tomaz,

nvidia-smi seems like a tool that would fit your needs. Once you install NVIDIA Display Driver on system with M2070, nvidia-smi.exe should be present in C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVSMI or in other words in $ENV{‘ProgramW6432’}/NVIDIA Corporation/NVSMI/

Starting with driver 270 nvidia-smi is using a dynamic library called NVML for accessing all of the statistics. To use NVML directly please take a look at http://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-management-library-nvml and http://developer.nvidia.com/tesla-deployment-kit

Let me know if you have other questions,
Przemysław Zych

Przemysław Zych, thank you for sharing this information; now I have found mentioned program in my Program Files and I include its folder in PATH. :thumbup:

Thank you!

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