Tesla K20 graphic card for desktop computer

I was wondering if I can plug in Tesla K20 graphic card in the general desktop computer.

As long as you have the space/power requirements for it, yes. You’d want the K20 and not the K20X, as the latter is passively cooled.

Is there any special hardware requirement for Tesla K20 in desktop computer?
What is a good power case that can be applied for Tesla K20?
I read some messages that mention we cannot use Tesla K20 to be display output. Thus, should we have two PCIe interfaces in a mother board?
Is there any thing that should be notice when setting up double graphic cards on single mother board?

My exact home setup is a 680 GTX with video out and a K20c. You need two GPU slots in motherboard, with PCI-e 3.0 x16 for both slots. I have a 750w power supply in that PC, and this is enough.

The K20 will use the TCC driver, while the 680 has its own. This setup has worked well for me with W7.