Tesla K20c or K20m?

My work just got a K20 and I am about to download the driver from Nvidia, but see that there are three different drivers, K20Xm, K20m, and K20c.

When I look at the card I just see K20 with no other qualifier. It just says Tesla K20 on the side on on the bottom.

Did Google this first, and could not find an answer, so maybe someone here can help. I think it is probably a K20m but would rather know for sure.

Is there any identifying trait on the card which indicates the model type?


The Download Drivers form lists each Tesla K20 model separately, but I think the form sends you to the same driver page for all the K20 models.

Thanks, hopefully that is the case. I am still unclear on what the difference is between the K20c and the K20m. One thing I was told was that this K20 is the 5GB version, so that narrows it down I suppose.

K20c is active cooled, so it can be used in a workstation.
K20m is passive cooled, it requires a server chassis. Aside from the cooling option, the specs are the same: 13 SXM,5GB of memory.
There is also a different passive cooled model, K20x, with more memory (6GB) and higher core count (14 SXM).

The K20m has full GPU Operation Mode support. The K20c does not.

Some discussion:

What is the default mode on the k20 cards by default? Is it NVML_GOM_ALL_ON?

Definitely not NVML_GOM_ALL_ON on the K20c. Why would the K20m have full GPU Operation Mode support while the K20c does not? They seem to be identical except for the cooling solution.