Tesla K20Xm giving "ECC features not supported for GPU" error

So I got a couple used Tesla K20Xm cards off Ebay… I tried turning off ECC through nvidia-smi (to have more usable memory) but for some reason one of the K20x cards is telling me ECC isn’t supported, when clearly it should be…

nvidia-smi gives “N/A” under ECC, and running ‘nvidia-smi -g 0 --ecc-config=0’ gives the error in the title.

The other K20x behaves as expected (has ECC support, can turn on or off).

I’ve tried resetting the GPU through nvidia-smi, and rebooting.

I’ve also checked the BIOS and it seems to be the correct one (

Is this card just faulty?

Using Driver Version: 440.33.01 and Ubuntu 18.04.