Tesla M10 H.264 encoders


We have a Hyper V 2016 environment with a Tesla M10 and to my knowledge we can passthrough one GPU per RDSH VM. (So 4 VM’s in total with 4 GPU’s to devide).
Also we have both H.264/AVC 444 Graphics mode for Remote Desktop connections and H.264/AVC hardware encoding for Remote Desktop connections enabled.
I read somewhere that each RDS user uses one H.264 encoder and if all encoders are in use it will fall back to software encoding.

I would like to know: how many H.264 encoders are there on each GPU (on each VM)?

RDSH is not even able to use hardware encoding (at least from my knowledge) so the answer to your question is irrelevant here.
In addition hardware encoders deliver a specific amount of encoded frames so it is not important how many encoders are available but how performant the encoders are.
If you want to use hardware encoding you need to use Citrix or VMware or other VDI solutions leveraging our NVENC solution.