[Tesla M10] Intermittent display issues with dual monitor, vertical orientation setup.

I am using Horizon View 7.3.2 with a pool that utilizes a NVIDIA Tesla M10 GPU. M10-1B profile. Guest OS is Windows 10. We are using a Dell WYSE Tera2 zero client on firmware 5.5.1. They are using dual monitors both set vertically. There are about 100 of these stations around each setup exactly the same. Every night I have View restart the desktops. Upon restarting some monitors will not display the desktop. I can verify in View the session is running but both monitors are black. One monitor indicator light will be on while the other one blinks. The only way to get the displays working is pressing the power button off and back on on the monitor with the blinking indicator light. Clicking the mouse or pressing keys on the keyboard does not do anything.

The frustrating part is there is no consistency on when it happens. Just completely random. Maybe 10-20 stations are not displaying the desktop every morning. I have a station at my desk that I have been trying to recreate the issue with and can make it happen every so often but can’t figure out how to make it happen every time.

Guess I’m just looking for advice or seeing if anyone else has had similar issues. Sounds like not a big deal but these stations are expected to be always on every morning and users get confused when screens are black. I feel like this is related to the GPU because I have another pool with the exact same setup that does not utilize the GPU and the issue never happens.

EDIT: Also, intermittently at restart the screens will display in horizontal orientation even though the device is configured for vertical. Another restart generally resolves this issue.

I see sometimes some issues when the SVGA driver from the VMWare Tools is still installed. Maybe give it a try to uninstall the SVGA driver and test again. Otherwise contact your Zero client vendor for advise and check the VMWare logs during connection attempt. Make also sure the VM can get a license from the NV license server as some Zero clients only show a black screen when the VM cannot issue a license properly.


Good call on the SVGA driver. It is currently installed. Going to reinstall Tool without and test again. I have posted over at the Teradici forums with logs just haven’t received any reply yet.

Thank you