Tesla M2050 Settings

Hi All,

I’m not sure which section to post this.
Does anyone know of any software that will read/ edit the Tesla m2050 clock / volt settings?
I would be very grateful of any help with this.

Many Thanks

nvidia-smi -q displays clocks and power draw. It is based on NVIDIA’s NVML library (https://docs.nvidia.com/deploy/nvml-api/index.html).

Why do you need to know the voltage? If you use Windows, TechPowerUp’s GPU-Z utility reports VDDC: on my Quadro P2000 is shows between 0.9120V and 0.9310V at the moment, at close to 100% load. My somewhat vague recollection is that supply voltage for the older GPUs like yours was around 1.1V to 1.2V.

Hi, Thank you for taking the time to reply.
I am using 6x cards as part of a cryptocurrency mining rig.
They currently draw 1200 watts between them.
Was looking for a solution to lower the supply voltage and adjust the core and memory clocks.
I’ve tried most of the usual over clocking utilities and GPU z to extract the bios.
I can’t seem to find a bios editor that is compatible with the cards though.
Fermi bios editor included.

Hardware / firmware modifications are outside the scope of this forum, which deals with “CUDA programming and performance” as indicated by its title.

There are probably forums specialized in hacking GPUs into more efficient cryptocurrency mining platforms, but they aren’t hosted by NVIDIA and I wouldn’t know what they are (but Google could be your friend).

My personal advice is to give cryptocurrency mining a wide berth, especially if you live in a country where electricity costs exceed $0.10/kWh and when using old hardware with low Mhash/kWh ratings. I live in California, where we have extensive gold rush experience: By and large, it’s not the miners that get rich, but the outfits supplying their equipment.