Tesla or Quadro

Hi all,

We use InfoWorks ICM for sewer calculations and currently have a Tesla C2075 but are looking for a upgrade. In the past it was not possible to use Quadro cards for Remote Desktop Calculations see: http://blog.innovyze.com/2012/09/18/which-gpu-card-is-best-for-infoworks-icm/

I didn’t found any problems on this issue when I tested it whit my own laptop whit has a Quadro K2100M. It seems that Nvidia has updated the driver so this is possible now. Will this be supported in the future by Nvidia?

The reason I ask is that InfoWorks only uses single-precision, so I rather spend my money on a more qualified Quadro card with bigger specs than invest in a Tesla.

I hope someone can advise me on the driver question?

Kind regards,