tesla S1070 connected to an "evga SR2 / SRX classified"

i looking for a mother board in order to connect a tesla s1070. I wana be able to connect the 4 c1060 to the same mother board with the hic + 2 video cards in sli.
I take a look to http://www.nvidia.com/object/tesla_build_your_own.html almost workstation mobo from asus or asrock :thumbsdown: are not be able to do this without bottleneck (not enought real 16x) and tyan is not for me because i looking for a mother board for workstation not a server one.
So i have found the evga “evga SR2 classified” socket 1366 who seems to have a four true 16x pcie gen2 http://www.evga.com/products/pdf/270-WS-W555.pdf.

I have questions :

  • Does somebody has an s1070 with 2 HIC + 1 or 2 gtx (sli) connect on the same sr2 evga ?

  • Does it work correctly.

  • What 's about the bottleneck ?
    -As the evga mobo sr2 seems to be the only one to have four real pcie gen2x + sli, would nividia be able to test it and add it to “the build your own” if it’is compliant ? I am not the only one to ask myself about it ! The evga seems to be a good compromise.

  • Would nvidia be able to do the same with the sr2 succesor sr3/srx http://www.techpowerup.com/153916/EVGA-SR3-Super-Record-3-Motherboard-Pictured.html as soon it will arrive this winter ?

thanks for your help !!