Tesla S870 on Windows 7 x64?

Is it possible to run a Tesla S870 system on a Windows 7 x64 desktop? There is no driver that specifically supports this setup. I’ve tried to use the v295.73 Tesla driver and it installs fine. But, the nvidia-smi.exe tool does not work from the command line. I get an “Failed to initialize NVML:Unknown error” message. I also ran GPU-Z app to see if the S870 is working. It reads that all four C870 cards are there, but doesn’t report memory size, bandwidth, core clock, memory clock, and none of the checkboxes for CUDA, OpenCL, etc are checked. Ihave also tried to install the drver v259.03, which is for Windows Server 2008. This does not install, and in fact I just get a wait icon and then it appears that the installer just quits. So this makes me think that the driver is not compatible with Windows 7 x64. Is the v259.03 driver only working on Windows Server 2008 (or Linux, but I don’t want to use that)?


Nobody? Well is anyone out there running Tesla S870 on A Windows OS? I can’t get it to run on Windows Server 2008 either.