Tesla T4 and Citrix Performance

We have 2 x R740 (total output: 76 x 3.09 Ghz / 1,346 GB) each with 1 NVIDIA Tesla T4 (vGPU grid_t4-1a) and VMWare 7.03 with 16 Citrix servers (Citrix 7 1912 CU3) 140 users run on IGEL M350C thin clients.

We are now planning to convert 70 users to 2 x 24 inch monitors. The graphics card is mainly used for Chrome and Zoom applications. Do you think the graphics card would do it or do we get into trouble?


The sizing mentioned above is far away from our best practice and won’t work. You need at least 8GB of FB (T4-8A) for 20-30 CCUs. So you would need a few more T4s to serve the given user load. 1GB of FB is already allocated with the initial user on the Server OS and you should never exhaust FB on a RDSH VM!!!


I am looking for consultant to assist us with installation of virtual windows servers with access to NVDIA GPU through virtualization. Can somebody recommend me person who would be interested in such project?

Please use the partner locator to find a certified partner in your region