Tesla T4 by WDDM without a virtual machine

I have a question about Windows Server 2019 with Tesla T4. The PC contains Tesla T4 and Matrox G200e (on-board VGA) only.
I would like to use Tesla T4 ( with GRID driver and license ) by WDDM mode on Windows Server 2019 under NO VIRTUAL MACHINE environment such as VMware. I connect Windows Server 2019 via Microsoft Remote Desktop.
Is that possible? Must I prepare a VIRTUAL MACHINE environment?
Would you advise me?


For sure you can use a baremetal environment wirh Server OS and T4. And yes, you will need the vGPU driver for this setup to support WDDM on Windows and vApss licensing.

Regards Simon

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Thank you for reply, dear Simon,
In my understanding, a virtual machine includes “Hypervisor”. So, I also do NOT need “Hypervisor” under "baremetal environment. Right?

Correct. Baremetal=NO Hypervisor

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