Tesla V100 - 2016 Hyper-V - Multiple VMs using RemoteFX

I’ve inherited a system that is built using 2012 Hyper-V/Fail-over Cluster/Windows VDIs.

I’m trying to roll out RemoteFX using Server 2016 Hyper-V (1607) and a Tesla V100 32GB GPU in a Dell R740 chassis.

Latest grid driver (391.81) from the license portal installs fine and Hyper-V Manager can see the Card and allow it to be used for RemoteFX.

However, when I add it to a VM and try and start the VM I get an error 32788. ("VMName" failed to change state. The operation failed with error code ‘32788’). Tried new VMs, both Gen 1 and 2, as well as current VMs.

The VM refuses to start if I include a RemoteFX 3D adapter in the hardware, no matter what the settings. It tries for maybe 1-3 minutes, then reports error 32788 in a GUI popup, that it couldn’t start. If I remove the virtual RemoteFX adapter it starts fine.

Any ideas?

Just in case anyone else has a similar issue, I’ve narrowed it down to a GPO on the inherited system.

As soon as I pin down the setting that’s causing it, I’ll respond back.

Hi Darren,

any new Information about the Problem? I got exact the same… :-(