Tesla V100 doesn’t install server

I try setup V100 in server and start server but server is not boot to bios
My server spec esc4000/IB
Mainboard : z18pg-d18
Cpu : intel xeon e5640
Ram: 144 GB
Support pcie gen2
Psu : 1600 W 80+
What happend this case ?

Thank for your help .

The ESC4000/IB appears to be a very old server that was qualified for use with very old Tesla M-series GPUs:


The ESC4000 series servers that are qualified for use with Tesla V100 are the ESC4000G3S and ESC4000G4:


Your server doesn’t appear to be qualified for use with Tesla V100. NVIDIA doesn’t provide any support for the use of Tesla products in servers that were not qualified for their use. If you have further questions you may wish to contact ASUS.