Test On GTX280

Hi everyone.
Actually I am working on a neural network simulation (it’s LISSOM, a SOM variant).


So far, I’ve been able to test it on my:
8600M GT
8800GTS (320mb)

And on others’ GPUs:
Quadro FX 5600 / Tesla D870

Now I’d need to test it on the new GTX280, as the performance speedup it may provide would be very useful.
I cannot access a 280, thought; would someone with a GTX280 be so kind to help me doing two short tests?

Thank you in advance.

PS: It would also be nice to test the simulation on a Tesla S870, to study how it scales on multiGPU systems, but I think it would be much harder to find it. :P

-Giacomo Spigler

I’ll be glad to help out. We have achieved speedups of 1.7 to 2.0 consistently
for GPU kernels (finite-element calculation and Voronoi mesh generation).

We do not have a Pci-express 2.0, so if that is an issue, I am sure somebody else
will reply. Thanks.


PCI speed isn’t an issue, as all calculation is done onboard (inputs to the network are generated directly on the GPU, too).
I’ll contact you by PM.

It would be very interesting if you share with us the results :) .