Test pattern enabling and capturing on jetson agx orin using imx415

I am working on jetson agx orin with the camera sensor imx415. I am completely stuck on how to enable the test pattern mode for imx415 and capture it. I also had the sensor driver code for imx415 which has the test pattern function in it but i was confused how to use it. Can anyone please help?


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Maybe check the imx415 driver if there’s define to enable test pattern.


Yes there is a function to set test pattern, but I am stuck on how to make use of it?
Also what i2c bus could have the camera sensor address for imx415?

Need check with HW for which bus is connected to.

Ok thank you
Could you brief me about how I should go ahead with the test pattern function in the driver code? Should I write my own cpp code or should I directly run the sensor driver code? And what do I do for capturing it?

Check this document first.


Sorry for the delayed response,
I accessed the I2C buses for imx415 and found these information as displayed in the images, what should I do further to enable and capture the test pattern mode with the provided camera sensor address?

Make sure the sensor driver load and probe successfully first.

Yes, we did detect the sensor successfully, which indicates that the sensor driver is loaded already. I am not getting the steps after that.

Looks like you are using E-CON’s camera.
I would like to involve @JeslinPaul to help you.


I just wanted to know if I am supposed to make any changes to the driver+kernel? I am just accessing it using terminal commands, is there something I am neglecting?

Suppose need to modify the kernel driver to output test pattern.


In what sense should it be modified?

Is this still an issue to support? Any result can be shared?