Texture Buffer Objects

In the Resources View, how should the GPU memory consumed by Texture Buffer Objects (TBOs) be displayed? Shouldn’t the GPU mem size for the thin Texture wrapper be 0?

What I’m seeing in Nsight Graphics is that, for a single TBO, there is an entry for the “Buffer” object and an entry for the thin “Texture” wrapper (that’s good). However, the GPU memory space consumed by the buffer object is reported on both the Buffer object and on the Texture wrapper. That is, the space is double-counted.

Minor feature request: It’d be helpful if the size reported for the Texture wrapper was 0 (or whatever its actual GPU memory footprint is).

Why I mention this is that I’d like to use a spreadsheet to compute a sum of the Memory size across all (or a subset) of the resources in the CSV dump to estimate total app GPU mem consumption (excluding NV driver internal-use buffers, of course). If I do this, the mem for TBOs will be double-counted, unless I special-case TBOs and pre-filter out their Texture wrappers.

This is on Nsight Graphics v2020.1.1.0.


Just wanted to let you know that a bug was filed on your behalf to get this issue fixed in a future release.

Thanks! I appreciate that!


A couple of months ago you reported an issue regarding texture buffer objects. I wanted to let you know that this issue has been addressed in Nsight Graphics 2020.4, released on 08/24/2020. Thanks again for reporting your issue, and if you have any further comments, don’t hesitate to send in more feedback.


Darrell Woods, Nsight Graphics Program Manager

I just installed 2020.4, and took this new feature for a spin. It works great – thank you!