Texture/Surface Memory

In the “Programming Guide”, under “Texture and Surface Memory”, here, it states:

“Packed data may be broadcast to separate variables in a single operation;”

I have been unable to find any other detail on how to achieve or utilise this and this is probably due to my unfamiliarity with texture usage.

Can anyone give examples please?

I have not used a texture in the past ten years, so cannot provide an example off the top of my head.

If I recall correctly, the quoted text refers to situations where a texture uses something like uchar4 texels representing four byte-wide channels (e.g. RGBA) , and the specified texturing mode converts each channel to a float normalized to [0, 1]. In such a case, each such float value would then be delivered to a separate 32-bit GPU register.

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Thanks Norbert, that sounds very likely, given the reading I’ve just been doing.