texture variables are writable?!

The 2017 documentation says: Texture variables may be accessed only in device subprograms, and can only be read, not written.

But do I understand correctly that they are also writable now?
These lines suggest so:

  real, texture, pointer :: aTex(:)

  real, managed, dimension(N), target :: a_dev
  aTex => a_dev

! later in kernel code: 
    aTex(i) = aTex(i)+c
! works, and updates the a_dev values

Hi abalogh,

Texture memory hardware has changed somewhat on newer device in that it now comes out of main memory. So it may now “work” to write to it, but since it’s still considered read-only, you might have cache coherency issues or other problems. Hence it’s not advisable to write texture memory.