TextureExporterDDS.h filename is now used by unreal

Just a heads up. I was trying to compile the omniverse plugin for my version of Unreal, which is built from source (bug-fix on-top of 5.1).

I found it was failing due to a header filename being duplicated with an internal engine header. I took a look at the commit history for the engine’s file and indeed it was added to the codebase in March.

History for Engine/Source/Editor/UnrealEd/Classes/Exporters/TextureExporterDDS.h - EpicGames/UnrealEngine (github.com)

So you’ll likely need to rename your file in future releases of the plugin.

Ugh. It’s a rabbit hole. The NVidia class interferes with the editor’s new class. Removing NVidia’s class in deference to the new editor class generates a ton of build errors. I’m not going to try and untangle it. I guess I’ll wait for official 5.1 support.

A public github repository would be useful here NVidia. Those of us using source builds probably need to be able to check out your plugin to multiple custom engine builds, rather than use your installer through the launcher that seems to think the connector is “installed” when it is downloading an installer.

Thanks for digging into this! We actually have a working 5.1 Connector and it took a LOT of work to get it up and running. We hope to release it soon as an alpha release against 5.1 Preview2.