TF-TRT error while trying to convert inception V2 model to TensorRT


Getting error while trying to convert Inception V2 model to tensorRT model using TF-TRT library.

A clear and concise description of the bug or issue.
Unable to open table file faster_rcnn_inception_v2_coco_2018_01_28/ Data loss: not an sstable (bad magic number): perhaps your file is in a different file format and you need to use a different restore operator?


Ubuntu 16.04 (Tegra X2)

Model Link:

Hi @leburi40,
I am not able to access the link you have shared.
Can you please check.


Hi @AakankshaS,

This is a model download link. I am able to directly download the model using this link. Please download the faster_rcnn_inception_v2_coco model from the below link.

Hi @leburi40 ,
Apologies for delayed response,
are we still facing the issue?