tflight in TK1 memory characterization

I’m using the memory characterization tools to generate a cfg file for a board with lpddr3, and have a question about the tBKV step. I’ve got all the numbers that TegraK1_MemoryCharacterization_AppNote_DA07217003v02.pdf say I need, and the procedure runs like it should.

However, I noticed that parses t35_LPDDR3_DDR3L_tflight.xls. This is a file that contains delays for both PKG and PCB. The guide mentions nothing about this document, and I have no idea what data to input for PCB. The numbers already in there for Jetson do not resemble the board delays in TK1_DDR_Board_Delay.xlsx.

From debugging it seems that tbkv.exe uses the textfiles created from t35_LPDDR3_DDR3L_tflight.xls, so I suspect they have some relevance.

Can anyone shed a little light on this?

Hi Tasslehoff,

t35_LPDDR3_DDR3L_tflight.xls is for chip IO pad and internal delay value, no need to edit it, all users need to do is to fill TK1_DDR_Board_Delay.xlsx based on your own PCB trace length.

Thanks Trumany.

The numbers in that xls are larger than the ones we have put into TK1_DDR_Board_Delay.xlsx. I hope that makes sense. Do you know what these 3 numbers actually mean?

IOpad (ps) (Pad+0Tap)
Channel (ps) (PKG)
Channel (ps) (PCB)

Hi tasslehoff,

The numbers that t35_LPDDR3_DDR3L_tflight.xls contains are simulation data, script will use them to calculate final delays with user’s PCB dealy in TK1_DDR_Board_Delay.xlsx.