TFTP and Grub support

Does the EDK2 UEFI Shell support TFTP boots?

I was able to access the UEFI config menu and get into the UEFI shell. I don’t see any ethernet or network devices and the commands ‘ping’, ‘tftp’, and ‘ifconfig’ do not detect a NIC. Is there any documentation for using TFTP boot with the current UEFI bootloader?

I also noticed an interesting option in “Device Manager” → “NVIDIA Resource Configuration” for L4T Boot Mode. The default is ExtLinux but there is an option for Grub. Will there be support for a GRUB bootloader in the future? Can I flash a grub bootloader onto the system today?

Thank you for the help.

That’s not supported and not addressed in UEFI Adaptation — Jetson Linux
Developer Guide 34.1 documentation (

I will forward this requirement to internal team to see if have plan to do in the future.
Once get any update, I will share with you. Thansk

Thank you for the reply. TFTP would allow kernel developers to boot cross compiled kernels without the need for flashing. I appreciate you reaching out to the internal team.

Do you know if there are any future plans to support GRUB?

This is listed in feature, but no clear schedule yet.

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