TFTP server address via DHCP

I have a Xavier I’m successfully TFTP booting, but I’d like to be able to specify the TFTP server address via DHCP’s next-server option rather than flashing it into the Xavier. Is that possible?


Currently there is no such feature. Do you mean to dynamic decide the IP later after boot up?

I am asking about DHCP options during boot. I specify ‘net’ in the boot configuration in bootloader/cbo.dts:


/ {
compatible = “nvidia,cboot-options-v1”;
boot-configuration {
boot-order = “net”;
tftp-server-ip = /bits/ 8 <10 1 1 1>;

The Xavier gets its IP address from the DHCP server and downloads its kernel from the TFTP server at as specified in cbo.dts above.

Many other systems get the address of the TFTP server from the DHCP response (DHCP options ‘next-server’ or ‘tftp-server-name’). I have not seen any documentation of using those options on the Xavier, so I am wondering if they are or will be supported. It sounds like you’re saying that’s not supported at this time, which is all I’m trying to confirm.