That tool that adds all the INC and LIB paths i forget its name

Along time ago i tried cuda 1.1 and there was a tool that would setup all the paths for VS2005.

im running CUDA 2 and was wondering what that tools name is and where i can dload it.


They are in the CUDA for Windows XP forum…

i had already found it.
its called “CUDA VS2005 Wizard 1.2”
and it is located here.

see that is how you help someone…

give them the name of the app and the location like i provided for anyone else who might need it.

instead of a general statement like “its on google”

It’s one of the top threads in the Windows XP forum, I didn’t think you would have too much trouble finding it…

yea i just seen that…i guess its like a sticky that is not a sticky :)

sorry bout the criticizem…

man when is my mouth really going to start feeling better

went to the oral surgeon tuesday and had those 4 teeth pulled and one had 4 roots.

i think he broke my jaw…anyhow i been in a grumpy mood when i dont take my pain medicine and when i do take my pain medicine im all screwed up in my head.

anyhow sorry bout that…i hadnt looked (like i previously stated i had found it before you had replied) at that time.

just did a look in the windows xp forum like you had said and yep it was right at the top :)