The 3.3V voltage of the Jetson Nano A02 development board has no output


My Jetson Nano A02 development board, which has been idle for a while, doesn’t power on properly when I tried to use it again. The power indicator light is also not working. So I removed the core board and measured the voltage on the baseboard, and found that there is no output from the 3.3V voltage. How can I solve this issue? Please help me.

I have the same problem, power A02 board with either DC5V4A or micro USB 5V2A.
There are no 3.3V voltage from 3.3V on 40pin header.
There are no 3.3V voltage from pcie wireless card.
There are no 3.3V voltage from CSI port.
There are only 1.6~1.8V from other gpio, can’t get 0V when driving low.
Only 480p/720p available on HDMI output.

As result the 1.8V to 3.3V level shifter my be down somehow, I can’t find any a02 schematic, so I don’t know where is the problem.

BUT. A work around solution is at the moment powering up the board with 5V or other, put 3.3V source very briefly to 3.3 Pin and disconnect the 3.3V after the power led is on. The time should be very short(about 100ms ?) to put 3.3V after power up the board. The list of no-function above are all functional again.

My power indicator lights cannot turn on. I suspect that the 3.3V voltage regulator chip is faulty.Thank you for your reply.

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Hi, A02 board is a very early version and for development only. We never release its schematic. If you suspect the 3.3V output, you can measure the rail on L6,/C63/C203/C204 near to U9.

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