The AD/DA HIGH PRECISION BOARD with Jetson Nano does not connect

Hi, I have the following issue.

I bought a High Precision AD/DA and followed the steps in this forum: High-Precision AD/DA Board - Waveshare Wiki. But when I run my script it tells me an “ID READ FAILED” error, I checked all the forums and there is not much information on how to fix it.

I read that I had to activate SPI, and I did, but I still have the same problem. What can be the solution.

These are the configuration pins for my Jetson Nano Developer Kit.

# Pin definition
RST_PIN         = 18
CS_PIN       = 22
DRDY_PIN        = 17

clib = ctypes.cdll.LoadLibrary
spi = clib('./')
# SPI device, bus = 0, device = 0

I followed the steps on this forum GitHub - JetsonHacksNano/SPI-Playground to activate my SPI, but it still doesn’t work.


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Hi garcia9ag1,

Are you using the Jetson Nano devkit? with SD or eMMC module?
What’s your Jetpack version in use?

You could refer to the following thread to enable and verify SPI loopback first.
Jetson Nano SPI Bus Not Working - #10 by KevinFFF

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