the address of I2C_GP3_CLK ?

I get the information is that : the i2c_cam_clk & i2c_cam_dat on i2c@3180000 which’s alias is “cam_i2c”.
what about i2c_gp0_clk,i2c_gp0_dat i2c_gp2_clk,i2c_gp2_dat i2c_gp3_clk,i2c_gp3_dat ?

I mean,I just want to get the address of i2c@???, like 3180000.

I read /soc/t18x/kernel-dts/tegra186-soc/tegra186-soc-i2c.dtsi,I could’t found the aliases gen0_i2c ,gen3_i2c.

I use this command: find -name “*.dtsi” | xargs grep “gen3_i2c”,also found nothing.

I get the address of i2c_gp0_clk & i2c_gp0_dat is 0xc240000,but do not know the address of i2c_gp2_clk & i2c_gp2_dat , i2c_gp3_clk & i2c_gp3_dat ,and there are on J26 of tx2 carrey board.

You can figure it out by the pimux table from download center.
The field A is the pin name on the carrier board. The field H is the function pin.
From below the GP2 is I2c7 and it’s HW function name start from 1 you can get the software name by subtracted 1 the you got GP2 is I2c6 and GP3 is i2c8. And you can get the address from the aliases.

I2C_GP2_CLK	C11	GEN7_I2C_SCL	BA31	AT29	unused_GEN7_I2C_SCL	GPIO3_PL.00	I2C7_CLK
I2C_GP2_DAT	C10	GEN7_I2C_SDA	BB30	AR25	unused_GEN7_I2C_SDA	GPIO3_PL.01	I2C7_DAT
I2C_GP3_CLK	C13	GEN9_I2C_SCL	BC33	AN27	unused_GEN9_I2C_SCL	GPIO3_PL.02	I2C9_CLK
I2C_GP3_DAT	C12	GEN9_I2C_SDA	BC30	AP26	unused_GEN9_I2C_SDA	GPIO3_PL.03	I2C9_DAT

        aliases {
                sdhci0 = "/sdhci@3400000";
                sdhci1 = "/sdhci@3420000";
                sdhci2 = "/sdhci@3440000";
                sdhci3 = "/sdhci@3460000";
                i2c0 = "/i2c@3160000";
                i2c1 = "/i2c@c240000";
                i2c2 = "/i2c@3180000";
                i2c3 = "/i2c@3190000";
                i2c4 = "/bpmp_i2c";
                i2c5 = "/i2c@31b0000";
                i2c6 = "/i2c@31c0000";
                i2c7 = "/i2c@c250000";
                i2c8 = "/i2c@31e0000";
                spi0 = "/spi@3210000";
                spi1 = "/spi@c260000";
                spi2 = "/spi@3230000";
                spi3 = "/spi@3240000";
                tegra-camera-rtcpu = "/rtcpu@b000000";
                spi4 = "/aon_spi@c260000";
                qspi6 = "/spi@3270000";
                serial0 = "/serial@3100000";
                serial1 = "/serial@3110000";
                serial2 = "/serial@c280000";
                serial3 = "/serial@3130000";
                serial4 = "/serial@3140000";
                serial5 = "/serial@3150000";
                serial6 = "/serial@c290000";
                rtc1 = "/rtc@c2a0000";
                rtc0 = "/bpmp_i2c/spmic@3c";