The best USB port extension device for at least 5 devices

I need to extend the amount of USB ports on the AGX and I need them to be USB 3.0 or 3.1 because I am using many webcams and other high bandwidth devices in our application.
What is the best confirmed working extension device for this? I don’t mind if it is a USB hub, PICe card or other type of device, once it connects and works. If it has a separate power supply that is no issue.

I doubt the root HUBs are going to be able to handle 5 devices. One possibility is a PCIe expansion with sufficient use of lanes to actually handle that number. I don’t have any specific devices in mind, but one which actually uses those lanes and has multiple transaction translators (allows each device to operate at its own rate without other devices slowing it) is likely on a slightly more expensive side. Definitely you’d want that expansion to be externally powered. I suspect using the existing USB ports would not perform as you wish.