The camera is on for a while causing a restart

If the camera is turned on for a period of time, the system will restart,The following is dmesg printing.
mogu-class.log (13.8 KB)
Could you please help solve it? Thank you.

hello skr_giao,

may I know which Jetpack release you’re used?
you may check release tag for confirmation, i.e. $ cat /etc/nv_tegra_release

there’re some SError detected failures.
may I know what’s your background running services? how to reproduce such errors. please share your steps in details.
for example,

[  155.510897] CPU4: SError detected, daif=1c0, spsr=0x40c000c5, mpidr=80000200, esr=be000000
[  155.510904] CPU3: SError detected, daif=1c0, spsr=0x40c000c5, mpidr=80000101, esr=be000000
[  155.510910] CPU1: SError detected, daif=1c0, spsr=0x40c000c5, mpidr=80000001, esr=be000000

The version of jetpack we used was Jetpack4.4_R32.4.3.This is our customer board, there is a restart failure when running on the customer side.The csi interface is 0 and 1,connected with two 2M cameras,mipi frequency is 600Mhz, the system runs immediately after startup, while can0 and can1 have been sending and receiving data.

hello skr_giao,

we’ve seen this before, but it’s gone with latest release,
since Jetpack-4.4 is quite old release version, is it possible for moving to newer version for confirmation.

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