The camera stops after a fixed time (24h-48h) when reading the dual camera on jetson nano

Jetson nano dual camera stop when play too long
I’m using jetson nano for face recognition 24/7. When my system was run about 4-5 hours, GStreamer can not read frames from the camera. I try to run again and have an error:
Error Timeout: (propagating from src/rpc/socket/client/SocketClientDispatch.cpp, function openSocketConnection(), line 215)
I restart jetson nano, I don’t meet this system again. But when I run my system too long still have this error.
and when I run the error “sudo systemctl status nvargus-daemon” and restart, the camera runs normally. It’s inconvenient when I can’t run the systemctl command. Please help me solve this problem completely.

hello nghiaanh108,

may I know which Jetpack release version you’re now using?
please refer to Argus pipeline randomly gets error - #4 by JerryChang to apply memory corruption fixes for libnvargus.

if that’s possible,
please moving to the latest Jetpack-5 release version
for instance, JetPack 5.1.3/ L4T 35.5.0 for confirmation.

I use jetpack version 4.6.1 cho jetson nano

please help me solve this problem, i haven’t solved it yet bcause I don’t know how to do it, everything it too difficult for me wwhen I now to jetson nano

hello nghiaanh108,

is it related to high system loading?
it might related to clock throttling, please see-also Thermal Management for details.

you may gather more details for reference, for instance, please setup tegrastats utility to monitor the usage.
and… you may also try to enable nvpmodel GUI to toggle the power mode as performance mode.

I checked jtop and it showed that the device had not loaded too much.

I found that the device had not run exceeding threshold AO CPU GPU

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