The camera unexpectedly loses power and cannot be restored

We started streaming the camera with GMSL2. When the camera module was accidentally unplugged and reinserted, our hardware supported powering off and reconnecting the deserializer, serializer, and sensor simultaneously. However, after doing so, we reconfigured the registers of the deserializer, serializer, and sensor and found that the image could not be displayed. It can only be used again after a cold start of the entire machine.

May I ask if the unexpected disconnection of the camera interface has affected the NVSCI section, resulting in the inability to restart the video?

Please check the MMAPI userAlternatingAutoExposure that include the error recovery handling.

If you use Jetpack 4.6.3, you can also check:


Error handling is also added in the sample. Please take a look.

OK, Thank you , I will try it and give your response

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